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When You Should Start Worrying About Your Garage Door

07/28/2013 Back To Blog

We hardly notice the signs of aging on our beloved spouses because we grow old together. The same thing happens with garage doors and their little problems. They usually go unnoticed. We get used to their loud sound and funny behavior in the extreme temperatures and don’t realize that regular inspection or giving more gravity to visual and acoustic changes is to our benefit since these are usually the signs of a problem, which might pop up one morning making our lives difficult or endangering our safety. The funny thing is that most people would wonder why there wasn’t any warning beforehand!

When did you replace the sensors?

When You Should Start Worrying About Your Garage DoorGarage door sensors replacement is important to take place the minute you realize that the reverse mechanism is not effective or one of the sensors is problematic. It is of the utmost importance for your safety and the main reason you must inspect the mechanism, the opener and the sensors often.

Observe the cycle of the door

The experts of garage door repair Highland suggest paying attention to the speed and movement of the door trying to notice any differences on the sound, especially when the rollers slide through the tracks. Most of the times, the door is not responsible for the difficulty of the rollers to complete the cycle as they move on the tracks.

It might be the damaged garage door tracks. Distorted, bent and broken tracks will definitely keep rollers from rolling but rollers could also be obstructed by concentrated dirt.

Check the springs. When they are seriously damaged, they won’t open or close the door properly.

Loose cables. In this case, the door would move in a slower pace, especially when it closes down.

Is the door closes well on the ground?

Even if it’s new, the door might not close down properly for several reasons.

*There is an obstacle – even a tiny one – under the door.

*One of the cables is loose and cannot lower down the panel efficiently.

*Problematic garage door springs. When they lose flexibility, they may not get the door to the ground. Damaged extension springs may not open or close the door evenly.

*The roller finds an obstacle in the tracks and cannot fulfill the cycle.

*The bottom seal is worn and leaves a gap under the door.

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